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4L60E LSx Stage 3 Stall Speed 3200 – 3600 Torque Converter (11.5″)

Transmission model:
  • New
  • Racing/High performance

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Revmax is proud to bring you the highest quality high performance converter on the market, 4L60E lsx stage 3 torque converter. When the best will only do, look no further as there is not a better torque converter on the market than a Revmax. Revmax is known worldwide for providing the best racing and diesel converters! Why would you want to put anything else other than a Revmax in your ride? In addition to the blistering off the line performance theses converters give, mid range throttle response will also be much better than the stock converter. These converters keep your engine operating closer to its peak operating range thus giving you the performance you desire. All of our stage 3 high performance converters feature the following quality components and building specifications: Upgraded Stator sprag Furnace brazed high performance impeller housing Furnace brazed turbine Torrington Stator Bearings Torrington Turbine Bearings 4140 Impeller Hub Precision internal clearances set to increase efficiency and improve performance Computerized Robotic Welds Fully pressurized and leak tested TCRS Computerized High Speed Balancing To less than 5 grams Runout Tolerances of less than .005 Assembled in Charlotte, NC by highly trained, caring technicians

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