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Accu-Balance Converter Balancer

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Phase / Hz:
  • - according to requirements
  • 230 V


The Accu-Balance is a fast and accurate way to balance your converters. Its simple, one button operation allows you to balance your units wet or dry and gives you a digital readout of the amount and location of imbalance in 5 seconds.

A poorly balanced converter can cause an enormous number of problems with transmission parts, bearings and crankshafts. A bad converter is costly, not only in repair bills for the customer but in loss of business for you.

Features of the Accu-Balancer:
• Durable machine base for stability and accuracy
• Blanchard ground 3/4" steel work surface
• Fully powered, direct drive spindle
• No bolts or pulleys to come loose or break
• 220 volt, single and three phase
• On-board fused power protection
• Fully fan-cooled with filtered air supply
• Rotating plate has .0002" maximum TIR in both planes
• Solid state on-board microprocessor for extreme accuracy
• Triple piezo pickup
• RFI on-board protection
• Adapters locate to the hub on o-rings to prevent damaging the hub
• Precision ground tooling shafts w/ pitch diameter fit splines to locate internal parts
• Simple indexing of internal parts at precise 90° intervals
• GM and Chrysler clutch adapters included
• 80-piece tooling package included
• Dual-mode operation allows both 5g and 1g readings
• Performs a simple, accurate machine self-test on every unit balanced
• 1-Year Warranty

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