Aisin to Open a New Plant in the US

Recently, it has transpired that AW Texas, a U.S. subsidiary of Aisin AW Co., will build a new production site in Cibolo, Texas that will give numerous workplaces to the region.

This initiative was confirmed during the talks between the Cibolo City Council and Guadalupe County Commissioners Court, on the one side, and Aisin representatives on the other. The authorities of the region gave the green light to tax concessions and economic encouragements for AW Texas. The world-known producer of transmission solutions is ready to devote four hundred million dollars in a production facility. The actual construction work is planned for September of this year.

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The twenty year agreement with the City of Cibolo includes a tax relief on 75% of real-estate taxes for the 1-st decade, 50% for the next 5 years, and 30% for the remaining period. It is estimated at $9.6 mln over the period of the agreement. According to the economic effects research, the development will bring a $36 mln payroll to Cibolo and is assumed to provide an annual net income of $3.7 mln to the city and $4.5 mln to the county in sales and property taxes.

Satoru Kasuya, AW-Texas representative, during the meeting with Cibolo authorities

Headquartered in Japan, Aisin AW was founded half a century ago. The company is specialized in production of different types of transmission solutions, transfer cases and car navigation units. Earlier this year, Aisin AW said about its intentions to enhance automatic transmission production capacity in the USA. Apart from the new plant, Aisin also has 2 production facilities on the US territory in Michigan and North Carolina.

The new facility will be specialized in production of automatic and hybrid transmission solutions. It is expected that the new plant will produce approximately 200,000 units annually.

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