Allison to Present Its Products at Busworld 2019

Allison Transmission, a world-known producer of commercial duty automatic transmissions, will showcase a wide range of its latest solutions for different types of buses at Busworld Europe 2019.

Visitors of the exhibition will have a chance to see Allison’s new T 3280 xFETM and T 2100 xFETM gear shifting solutions. The xFE Series comes with the cutting-edge feature ensuring enhanced fuel-efficiency. Containing fine-tuned gear ratios paired with the FuelSense Max software, xFE gear shifting units have been developed to provide substantially prolonged lock-up actuation for additional fuel efficiency refinement and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Allison, as a major provider of electrified propulsion units, will represent its developments in this area by showcasing an H 40/50 EPTM unit. For almost 16 years of tedious work in this sphere, Allison has produced more than eight thousand hybrid solutions for buses, which fit well in urban areas all over the world. Not long ago, Allison released a an electric hybrid solution H 40/50 with Flex EV. Perfect for bus powertrains, this product is notable for lack of polluting emissions with the engine shut-down capacity, ensuring more environment-oriented operation.

This spring, Allison took over AxleTech’s electric technology division with its e-axle units, and a UK company Vantage Power. These 2 deals fit well within the framework of Allison’s strategy aimed at development of propulsion tech solutions and will strengthen its current technical capacities.

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Allison encourages visitors of the upcoming exhibition, held in Brussels, Belgium, to come to its stand, where everyone interested will have a chance to examine Allison’s advanced products by means of a 3D animation, enabling them to turn the products 360° and take a look inside them. Allison’s consultants will answer all questions related the company’s product line and its steps focused on shifting to more E-Mobility.

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