Allison Transmission Strives to Succeed in Customer Support

Allison Transmission not only invests much financial resources in new technologies and development of top-quality automatic transmissions for a wide range of applications, but also pays close attention to providing a sufficient post-sales support to ensure accurate operation of Allison’s automatics and to keep customers fully satisfied. That’s what Allison’s Mobile Training Unit is actually doing in Brazil.

The unit has gained recognition as an efficient tool in contacts with customers and direct assistance in maintenance of automatic gear shifting solutions. During 8 years of its existence, this initiative has been helping Allison to receive a direct feedback from owners of fleets (who mainly turn out to be the main Allison customers) and provide its customers with effective maintenance tips and the info on new technologies and product updates available on the market.

According to the representative of Veola Brazil company, specialized in sanitation landfills and industrial waste management, the company gives preference to trucks equipped with automatics from Allison thanks to the fact that automatic trucks ensure more convenient driving and better gear shifting. Moreover, automatically shifted trucks turned out to be more cost-efficient, as they are more maintenance-friendly. According to company’s estimations, the fleet productivity increased by 30% thanks to the use of automatic trucks.

Veolia Brazil has at its disposal approximately four dozens of trucks, most of them are equipped with Allison’s automatics, and all of them should certainly be serviced by professionals. That’s where Allison’s Mobile Training unit plays a significant role. Experts from Allison organize some training activities, where they share some interesting insights about maintenance and repair of Allison automatics and answer to all arising questions. Thanks to the detailed explanation on the most challenging repair issues it is easier to comprehend key points on preventative servicing of automatic trucks.

Allison 1000

Over the years of productive work, the team of Allison professionals managed to provide high-quality technical training on operational peculiarities of 1000 Series transmissions from Allison for more than a thousand of attendees. All equipment and tools required for proper technical training on repair and service of trucks used by the fleet owners are provided by Allison.

The Unit was founded by Allison because of the growing market pull for CVs that come with Allison automatics. It was introduced as an efficient means of sharing for Allison’s knowledge and expertise in service and repair of automatic gearboxes with the company’s customers all over the world. It not only has a confidence-building effect with customers, but also helps Allison customers to make full use of trucks equipped with the Allison automatics.

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