Ford Otosan Expands Transmission Production In Turkey

Recently, numerous automobile media sources in Europe have been buzzing about Ford’s restructuring strategy, including closure of plants and significant job cuts, in regions with sluggish sales rates. For example, Ford has recently officially closed its Transmission plant in France. But it is not the same in Turkey as Ford Otosan, an auto manufacturing company jointly established by Ford and the Turkish company Koç Holding, plans to expand the production of transmission units in Turkey. Not long ago, the company has finished preparation of testing facilities for heavy-duty transmissions.

Ford Otosan’s staff

It is considered to be major step toward the launch of a large-scale manufacturing of transmission units inside the country. Within a few years, Ford Otosan has been putting a lot of efforts in preparation of activities for mass production of quality transmission units, and more than $55 million has been invested in the initiative. It is claimed that Turkey-made transmissions will be installed in trucks produced at the Eskişehir factory. Ready-for-operation testing facilities are equipped with advanced machinery required for sufficient testing of transmissions. It is supposed to provide price advantages and improve the carmaker’s competitive ability.

Facility in Eskişehir

Facility in Kocaeli

According to the Ford Otosan representative, the localization transmission production is an important achievement for the whole auto industry in Turkey. It should be noted that the 1-st domestic transmissions were produced at the beginning of 2018. These transmissions were exposed to thorough testing to make sure that they comply with the highest quality standards.

Facility in Sancaktepe

The new transmission testing facilities give the carmaker great economic benefits. All testing procedures conform to global standards and keep national resources inside Turkey. Currently, the company is focused on acquisition of patents on its transmission testing development. At the moment, 3 testing facilities are ready for operation.

About Ford Otosan

Founded in 1977 in its current form, the company has grown to become one of the most successful auto businesses in Turkey and the largest CV manufacturing center of Ford in Europe. By the end of last year, the company reached the manufacturing capacity of 455 thousand commercial trucks, 75 thousand engines, and 140 thousand of powertrain units. Moreover, the company has a great potential in the field of R&D, employing 1,100 of highly-trained engineers. The company has a large network of dealers and reliable business partners both inside the country and abroad. Moreover, the company also offers a wide range of services via specialized services throughout the country. Last year, the company exported vehicles and car components to 94 countries, valued at $ 5.7 bln.

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