MAHLE Aftermarket to Sell More Automotive Products in Canada Thanks to a New Partnership

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. has entered into partnership agreement with Grant Brothers Sales (GBS) Ltd., one of Canada’s biggest manufacturers’ representatives. This cooperation allows MAHLE to strengthen its positions on the Canadian market and to supply its products more efficiently to the local customers.

MAHLE will cooperate closely with the GBS’ sales and customer service specialists to provide its Canadian customers with a wide range of automotive products, from diagnostic and service tools to quality spare parts.

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MAHLE officials are very enthusiastic about collaborating with GBS, as it is a great chance for MAHLE to consolidate its positions on the Canadian market. The MAHLE brand has gained recognition all over the world for top-quality powertrain components. The company is also known for a wide range of special solutions for maintenance and servicing. MAHLE Aftermarket is one of four divisions of MAHLE GmbH, one of the biggest providers of car components around the globe. In 2020, the company has established a new electronics and mechatronics business unit. Moreover, this year the company celebrates a 100-year anniversary of being the part of the global auto industry.

MAHLE and GBS teams during the recent meeting at MAHLE headquarters

Thanks to its service offerings, GBS managed to establish crucial ties with the aftermarket businesses in Canada. It will certainly help MAHLE to provide potential Canadian customers with advanced products, including exceptional support and tech training. Both parties have already started close cooperation to prepare a 2020 sales strategy.

The Canadian aftermarket is a promising business niche, and this new partnership will make it possible to offer customers advanced solutions and innovative technologies. Add to that a great reputation of GBS in this business, and it is possible to see a great potential of this partnership.

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