MAHLE Powertrain’s Michigan HQ Recognized By CARB As Newly Accredited Emissions Test Facility

MAHLE Powertrain’s site in Michigan has recently obtained accreditation from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as a facility compliant with all necessary requirements for conducting emissions certification tests.

It is a milestone not only for MAHLE itself, but also for the automobile industry as a whole, as automakers and suppliers now get access to an advanced facility for running comprehensive powertrain development and CO2 emission tests. Such a facility frees automakers from the necessity to develop or constantly upgrade their own testing machinery to comply with high environment standards.

MAHLE’s testing equipment in Plymouth , Michigan

According to the MAHLE representative in North America, the company was absolutely delighted about the fact the CARB accreditation was received less than 3 years after the facility opened its doors. It is considered to be an acknowledgement of MAHLE’s financial and intellectual efforts to deliver sophisticated testing facilities to the American market and to facilitate development of more-ecologically-friendly vehicles.

MAHLE’s US facility is equipped with a wide range of powertrain testing units and development equipment, including 4WD vehicle emissions testing room, 7 lifting units, 7 powertrain testing chambers, and wiring and instrumentation laboratory. The detailed audit performed by CARB specialists confirmed that MAHLE’s facility matches to the main requirements and regulations, thereby officially allowing MAHLE to offer a wide range of powertrain testing services for automakers at different stages of vehicle development.

Learn more about California Air Resources Board (CARB)

CARB’s strict audit mechanism includes a narrow examination of all testing equipment and its operational characteristics, making sure that operational parameters do not exceed specified limits. This includes checking of exhaust gas analyzer data, analysis of calibration gas parameters. The maximum permissible error in case with MAHLE did not exceed 2% per CFR 1065.205.

MAHLE thinks that the CARB’s accreditation for its emission testing technologies will have a positive impact on the whole auto industry in America. Nowadays, the automobile business is extremely concerned with an environment pollution “contribution” from road vehicles. Therefore, MAHLE’s testing facility will become a real asset for carmakers in achieving their emission restriction goals.

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