Mercedes-AMG GT May Get a Manual Transmission, But Not From The Factory

Mercedes-AMG GT May Get a Manual Transmission, But Not From The Factory

European Auto Group, the automotive tuning company from San Antonio, Texas, has already amazed the automotive world with its unique transmission swap projects (such as 2020 Toyota Supra and Ferrari 430 Scuderia) . Not long ago the manual Supra has become a sensation at the SEMA 2020 and the Philly Auto Show 2020.

2020 manual Supra at the Philly Auto Show 2020

EAG has received numerous orders on swap services from owners of factory-made automatic Supras, but the company is already considering new opportunities to expand the range of models for a manual conversion. Auto enthusiasts have long been calling for the Shelby GT500 and the C8 Chevrolet Corvette and those projects will certainly come to fruition in the future.

Check out the world's FIRST manual Ferrari 430 Scuderia in action

But Art Bartosik, the head of EAG, has recently announced that his team plans to embark on the manual swap for the Mercedes-AMG GT. The factory-made Mercedes-AMG GT comes with a seven-speed DCT transmission only. Since Mercedes never provided the manual option for this model, the EAG team sees a great potential in this project. Actually, this swap task is simplified by the fact that there's another car model on the market, namely the 2020 Aston Martin Vantage AMR, with the same engine as the GT that is sold with a manual transmission option.

Mercedes-AMG GT

The Vantage AMR comes with the 7-speed manual gearbox provided by Graziano. Thus it is quite feasible to utilize this 7-speed unit in the AMG GT model as this transmission will perfectly fit the engine.

Aston Martin Vantage AMR

However, it can hardly be said that this transmission swap will be a piece of cake for the EAG team. According to Mr. Bartosik, the availability of some ready-made shift linkages simplifies the task, but still they will need to utilize custom components and to implement some changes to the drive shaft, console, pedals, wiring, and software. The team of professionals from EAG has enough experience and the necessary skills and know-hows to get the job done.

It is not a secret that spare parts for Aston Martin are quite pricy so it will certainly affect the final price of the AMG GT swap. It is known that the price for the Graziano-made transmission unit costs and after adding necessary elements and labor, the final swap price will reach approximately $55,000. This project is still at its early stage but the company is ready to take orders to see how many customers would be interested.

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