Toyota Supra Getting a Manual, But Not From The Factory

Despite numerous internet appeals to Toyota to include a manual transmission option for the new Toyota Supra, it seems that the Japanese automaker plans to stick only with the 8-speed automatic solution from ZF. So far, it is unclear whether Toyota will decide to add a gear stick in the future, but fans of manual Supras are excited to know that the American company European Auto Group (EAG) is ready to take up this challenging task.

Integration of a manual gear shifting mechanism in a car initially designed for automatics is a complex, time-devouring endeavor. The unit may be hardly adapted to the original tunnel, the new actuation pedal box may not be congruent with the initial one's attachment points, it is also necessary to free space in the engine compartment for a main cylinder, and it is highly likely that the driveshaft construction should be changed. EAG technicians established themselves as experts in conversion of automatic luxury cars such as the Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Huracán into manuals, so they know exactly what it will take to integrate a 6-speed manual in the 2020 Supra.

According to EAG owner Art Bartosik, the overall conversion price will be approximately $12,000 for required components and labor. The lead time will range from 30 to 45 days. At the moment, potential customers can make a pre-order for $6,000 and arrange the shipping of their automatic 2020 Supras to Texas. It is interesting to point out that EAG will use OEM spare parts from BMW to perform the swap procedure.

To make the conversion offer more lucrative for potential customers, EAG will also collaborate with ProTuning Freaks, BMW tuning specialists from Canada, to provide some engine modifications. The tuned car is assumed to produce around 420 to 430 hp to the wheels, which is a significant power strengthening compared to the stock 335 hp rate.

Learn more about the project from these cool videos provided by EAG

When it comes to the warranty coverage, this conversion service will probably breach original Toyota's warranty (at least partially), EAG plans to provide a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty to cover all of the cars.

After the official 2020 Supra release, Toyota representatives provided a lot of reasons for using the 8-speed automatic gear shifting unit in its performance car. Despite the fact that gear sticks have long been regarded as an indispensable part of sports cars, it should be admitted that modern automatics are much more efficient than standard manuals. But ardent supporters of classic gear shifting mechanisms on the track now can turn to European Auto Group.

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