Automatic transmission repair in Monmouth
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+1877.224.1118 X 4

18535 Maple Grove Road
Monmouth , Oregon 97361
United States of America (USA)
Transmission diagnostics
Automatic transmission repair
Torque converter repair
Valve body repair
DSG repair
CVT repair
Transfer case repair
Transmission programming
Valve body sale
Torque converter sale
Transmissions sale
Transmission parts sale
Heavy Duty or Truck service
Transmission tuning
Transmission flushing
ATF change
Manual transmission repair
Fleet maintenance services
Payment options:
Card payment
For greater convenience:
We speak Spanish
Tow car services
Comfortable waiting room
Benefits of our transmission shop:
Dyno-tested transmissions
Certified rebuilder
We are equipped with:
Transmission Dyno
Valve Body Test machine
Solenoid Test machine
Torque converter repair equipment

Full Line Automatic Parts Distribution Warehouse

All Soft Parts , Electronics , Bands , Filters , In Stock !

Internal Hard Parts , Drums , Pumps , Planets , Shafts

Valve Bodies , Used , Some Reman & Oem New

Extremely Strongly In Solenoids , Sensors , Wiring !

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