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CW3 Converter Welder

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Torque Converter Welder features:
  • Single gun welding / Chuck alignment
  • New
Phase / Hz:
  • - according to requirements
  • 230 V


The ATI CW3 Converter Welder removes all the aggravation, eliminates all the guesswork and produces a perfectly true, leak-proof converter far superior to OEM quality—one that you will be proud to sell and confident to use!

The CW3 has complete tack speed control, and allows for “rolling” tacks—which are completely covered by the final weld bead. This makes for a better quality weld, and eliminates the leaks that come from stationary tacks.

• Fixture, clearance and weld torque converters in 2 minutes or less.
• Welds with the torch face down, parallel to the floor, to allow the bead to “lay in” properly.
• Rotates 90° so that even Chrysler converters can be welded with the torch facing down.
• Multiple weld speeds to accommodate a variety of converter sizes.
• Rotates to keep the weld bead parallel to the floor
• Patented coupler allows for super-accurate, and independent alignment of concentric and perpendicular planes
• 3” diameter moving face plate shaft
• 2-1/2” diameter spindle mounted on Torrington cup & cone rollers
• Solid state SCR-controlled gear drive assembly
• Converter run-out is less than .005” hub to pilot
• 1 year warranty

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