What is go4trans?

by go4trans.com admin

go4trans.com is a united platform that was developed as a single space and place for selling and advertising goods and services pertaining to the Transmission industry

How to register?

by go4trans.com admin

Registering at go4trans.com is quite simple. You can see the guide below for your convenience

What membership types are there?

by go4trans.com admin

There are four membership plans available to choose from: free and Premium options are available

How do I change my membership plan after I have registered?

by go4trans.com admin

There are two ways of changing your membership plans. They are described in the guide that follows

​What is Seller’s Microstore?

by go4trans.com admin

This section contains a list and description of various goods and offers placed by a particular vendor

​What are Frontend & Backend Message Centers?

by go4trans.com admin

Frontend message center is available after you log into the system in the 'Message center' clickable section on the front page

​What does the ‘Inquiry list’ button do?

by go4trans.com admin

'Inquiry list’ option is used to add up various products accessible via go4trans.com in a single list

What is Admin board used for?

by go4trans.com admin

Admin board serves as the key center to control the account, add products for sale, add business description, contact Buyers, and do other important processes

Recommendations on placing a new product

by go4trans.com admin

The proper way to post a new product is by going to the '--- New Product' section from the Admin board. When on the next page, you have to add the Name of the product and proper product category. The other elements are optional but surely are very important for success (images, description, price).

User profile and Business profile differences

by go4trans.com admin

There are two profiles that will be attributed to you after you register at go4trans.com