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Infared Piston Bonder

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  • New
  • 220 V
NF 02.400
  • +375296233219
  • Located in Minsk, Karla Libkhtehta 62, Belarus


Digital control panel. Adapters included.
This piston bonder was equipped with a digital control panel, which makes its operator's job even more comfortable. The intensity of the heating can be modified by pushing a couple buttons on the control panel. The rest of the piston bonder is quite similar to the NF 02.400 : same solutions with proved efficiency, such as: T-bar fixation, infrared radiation source guarantee the even heating and the trust-worthy and high-quality adhesion of the friction material. The intensity is easily controlled as well.
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Max diameter of lockup piston, mm /320
Power consumption of the heating elements, kW /6
Power consumption of the stand is not more than, kW /6,1
Weight, not more than kg /280
Length, mm /1150
Width, mm /600
Height, mm /1800
The power supply, V /220
Constant working pressure not less then kg s cm 2 /7
Air temperature from, C /from +5 to +30
Relative humidity, % /30-80

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