EVs Outsold Manual Transmissions In U.S. For The First Time In Q3

EVs Outsold Manual Transmissions In U.S. For The First Time In Q3

It is not a secret that the automotive industry is currently going through the stage of fundamental changes. Currently, major car manufacturers make significant investments in electrification programs, thereby trying to comply with more and more stringent environment regulations. Thanks to a completely new approach to the car design and availability of new technologies, the image of powertrains has significantly changed in EVs. The info provided by Driving.ca says that the era of electric vehicles may come sooner than we expect. The research conducted by the media source brought to light one remarkable fact: more Americans gave preference to EVs over models that come with manual transmissions in the Q3 of this year.

When we are talking about new models leaving the production line, electric vehicles are now officially less of a novelty than ones with manual transmissions. And with EV take rates steadily growing and manuals being gradually forced out of the market, the Q3 statistics on vehicles take rates in the US says that it is the 1-st time when Americans have bought more EVs than manually-shifted models. In recent years, the automatic trend has become especially notable, as major carmakers have started excluding and replacing them with more sophisticated and efficient automatics. Therefore, it is not surprising that EVs managed to outperform last century’s dying technology.

The most popular EVs on the USA market in Q3

In Q3 take rates of EVs such as Teslas, Nissan Leafs, Chevy Bolts, and others accounted for 1.9% of all vehicles sold in the U.S.,, while manuals accounted for only 1.1 %, becoming the all-time lowest rate. These sad numbers caused by the fact that carmakers suspended production of many manual compact and subcompact sedans manuals, which started losing at price and efficiency to automatics and EVs.

The electrification trend is another serious blow to prospects of manual models. It seems that customers who want to buy a car with a gear stick should not put it off for long, as manuals have really become an endangered species.

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