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Piston Bonder - Infrared

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NF 03.400


This device uses infrared thermal radiation to penetrate deep into the ferrous metal, thus bypassing the problem of uneven heat transfer in the case when thermal energy is transmitted by contact and depends on uniformity of pressure and contact surface. Uniform heating and swivel design of pressure provide reliable and high-quality boding of friction material. Change the intensity of the warm-up, time or the temperature at any point of the process by pressing two buttons on the remote control.

Adapters Included

• Power Supply Voltage: 220 V
• Power, Consumed by Stand: 6.1 kW
• Net Weight: 551.2 lbs. (250 kg)
• Air Requirements: 116.0 PSI (8 BAR)
• Dimensions: 67.9" x 44.1" x 29.5"

(1724 x 1120 x 750 mm)

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