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ValveBody Internal TCM RE5R05A

ECU, Valve body
Price on request
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  • New
  • Aftermarket

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  • Valve Body Pro
  • +1408-287-4500
  • Located in San Jose, 464 Perrymont Ave, United States of America (USA)


RE5R05A 2003 Type 1 External TCM (R&R Only) Part# 35-114A

RE5R05A 2004 Type 2 Internal TCM, Two Accumulators, W/ Rev. Control Valve Part# 35-114B

RE5R05A 2005 Type 2 Internal TCM, Two Accumulators, W/O Rev. Control Valve Part# 35-114C

RE5R05A Type 3, One Large Accumulator Part# 35-114D

Note: Part# 35-114B & 35-114C Will Interchange

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