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Torque Converter Balancing Unit

Balancing is used after all components have been replaced and subsequent welding is done. The process of balancing allows transmission service people to find out if there is a bad or uneven weld on the circumference of a Torque Converter. If it is identified, the operator can easily weld on a small amount of material or remove it. Performance transmission and racing transmission specialists pay special attention to Torque Converter balancing.

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When you turn the ignition key the Torque Converter starts to rotate together with the engine. Torque Converter of about 250mm in diameter and of about 10 kg in weight imbalance in its RPM can cause such a serious vibration that the entire vehicle will be affected, including fastening elements of the engine and the automatic transmission. Balancing machine for torque converters allows us to check imbalance of this element with guaranteed accuracy. Precision system implemented in these machines allow transmission repair experts to pinpoint exact place of excessive or insufficient weight.

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Nowadays, there are many repair shops specialized in the torque converter repair. In fact, all transmission repair specialists perform the same operations during the torque converter repair, but opinions differ when it comes to the necessity of balancing adjustment for a rebuilt torque converter.


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