Transmission Leak Test Unit

Leak test units allow checking circuit integrity for transmission units through use of hydraulic pressure. These tools guarantee time saving since modern models do not require removal of the transmissions off vehicles. It is a universal machine which merely requires appropriate leak test plate to fit any automatic gearbox. The 4L60 transmission, 4L80 transmission, ZF transmissions are some of the most demanded for this transmission service.

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The answer to the question on the reason of oil flowing out of the transmission troubles many transmission specialists. Transmissions oil leakage is in the group of problems with which almost every driver ever found. Under the car there are oil stains that are gradually increased. Set of lubricants is considered to be an important part of the vehicle. Such a problem leads to major failures. Friction of the contacting parts goes uncontrolled, wear debris is stopped from leaving the drivetrain, the assembly doesn’t cool down. It is unsafe and could cause fire. Various leaks at the junction of gearbox and engine most likely can occur due to the following reasons: wear-out or failure of seals, various defects in shafts and seals, emergence and increase of clearance in the shafts (input shaft, etc.), sealing compound fails to provide the desired sealing, loosening of clamp holdings, failure of properties of seals and gaskets and other effects.


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