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A760E Transmission parts


Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
6 AT RWD/4WD 420 8,5-11 2,3-4 Toyota WS

The 6-speed automatic transmission A761E, (A760E -F \Н) with longitudinal positioning is similar to the 5 speed А750 in terms of design. It has been tested since 2003 with 8-cylinder engines of Toyota Celsior and with Lexus LS430. This powerful 6-speed RWD transmission was produced in pair with economical А960, intended for lower torque (200-310 Nm). This automatic gearbox together with А761-А960 are direct competitors of ZF 6HP26 and 6HP19 units.

A760E is a basic modification for RWD units,

- A760F – for AWD SUVs of Toyota and Lexus,

- A760Н – is a rare modification for 4WD light motor vehicles.

- in 2006, the upgraded А761 unit was released. It is notable for perfect operational parameters of a new valve body and solenoids.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

All rear-drive Aisin transmissions are distinguished by design reliability, especially those units which are installed on Lexus cars, therefore this transmission is rare in the repair service and there is no much information on the overhaul statistics. Problems of the А761 unit are related to already known issues with А750Е. These problems are caused the fluid overheating or its contamination by friction dust. Many experts consider А760 for rear-drive cars to be extremely durable as all Aisin automatic transmissions. Components of this transmission can operate properly for more than 300 thousand kilometers without overhaul, under the condition that they operate with comparatively clean oil.

Typical issues in A761

Commonly, together with spare parts repair specialists also replace the package of friction discs, burnt as a result of pressure shortage caused by clogging of the solenoid or valve body. All frictions are usually replaced in case of burnt transmission fluid. When we talk about the most problematic elements in first generations of the А750-А761 family, we should point out relative dependency of electrical components of this tranbsmission (valve body) from from the fluid condition and wear-out of the torque converter lockup. All problems with shifting are usually related to spoilt and worn-out valve body. Therefore, any diagnostics and rebuilding procedures start with testing and cleaning of the valve body and solenoids. All valve body problems start with worn-out elements of the torque converter. The torque converter is repaired as well.

Valve bodies for А750, А761 and А960 are identical from the outside. But the internal design, computer settings and solenoids (as well as their quantity) have been constantly modified during testing, therefore selection of solenoids for replacement (as well as valve body selection) is performed according to VIN-code. The number 8870 is displayed on plates of the А761 transmission.The valve body replacement for this unit is relatively rare in comparison with European manufacturers on similar automatics (722.6 and ZF-6HP26). Generally, reassembly and cleaning of the valve body and cleaning-replacement of solenoids are performed when repairing the А761 unit. First and foremost, repair specialists have to replace solenoids. These solenoids have the valve, receiving the main load from contaminated fluid coming from the torque converter. Each replacement procedure of solenoids is accompanied by the torque converter repair and replacement of the lock-up friction.