RL4F02A Transmission parts

RN4F02A, RE4F02A

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF type (recommended)
4 AT FWD 260 6 Nissan AT-Matic D Fluid

The 4-speed automatic transmission RL4F02A and and its modification RE4F02A (produced by Jatco) found application on FWD Nissan models with the engine capacity of approximately 2.0 liters. The RL modification is intended for lower torque from engines 1.6-2.4 lit, while the RE modification had been installed on 3.0 Maxima until 1994. This transmission had been used on Maxima and Pulsar for 5 years, then it was replaced by more sophisticated and low-priced version- RE4F04A and RE4F03A for engines with the capacity of up to 2-lit.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

This transmission is quite reliable, but when it comes to the repair of this transmission is can be quite expensive. Thus, many car owners prefer to replace this gearbox by the used one. The problem of “old” RL4F02A transmissions as in all Nissan gearboxes lies in the electronic control elements. The torque converter lock-up solenoid operates quite intensively and gets out of service very early. It was modified several times.The rest of solenoids should also be changed before they stop operating properly, because it leads to the oil starvation, cranking of bushings, deterioration of drums, planetary gears and pump.

But usually issues are related to general ageing of rubber gaskets and wear-out of friction components, which contaminate valves of the valve body and solenoids, prevent springs from moving valve cores. All this results in such common issues as jolts and stoppages. The wear-out of friction elements initially affects the torque converter lock-up mechanism, then worn-out clutches start slipping at some gears and the car ceases moving uphill. Generally, this transmission is quite reliable and has a high operational reserve. After the reassembly and cleaning, this gearbox can operate on the snow and in off-road conditions for a long period of time.