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5R55s 5R55w Ford transmission solenoid block pack Explorer Mercury Reman R46420B

Solenoid Kit, Solenoid Block
Price on request
Transmission model:
  • Reman
  • Aftermarket

Which cars does this part fit?

Brand Model Year Type Engine
Ford EXPLORER/SPORT TRAC 00-10 5 SP R/4WD V6 4.0L V8 4.6L
Ford FALCON 16-Aug 5 SP RWD L6 4.0L V8 5.4L
Ford MUSTANG 05-10 5 SP RWD V6 4.0L V8 4.6L
Ford RANGER 98-14 5 SP R/4WD L4 3.0L
Ford RANGER 00-09 5 SP R/4WD L4 2.5L 3.0L
Ford THUNDERBIRD 03-05 5 SP RWD V8 3.9L
Jaguar S TYPE 00-02 5 SP RWD V8 4.0L
Lincoln AVIATOR 03-06 5 SP R/4WD V8 4.6L
Lincoln LS 00-02 5 SP RWD V6 3.0L V8 3.9L
Lincoln LS 03-06 5 SP RWD V6 3.0L V8 3.9L
Mazda BT-50 06-11 5 SP R/4WD L4 2.5L 3.0L
Mazda PICKUP B SERIES 00-11 5 SP R/4WD L4 2.5L 3.0L
Mercury MOUNTAINEER 01-10 5 SP R/4WD V6 4.0L V8 4.6L


This part is Reman and fits your 5R55S. Solenoid Kit is an important part of 5R55S transmission. On you will find best deals from worldwide suppliers of Reman, Aftermarket parts for 5R55S and other automatic transmissions.
Information about basic repairs for 5R55S can be read here.

A solenoid block is intended for automatic transmission control with the help of solenoid-operated valves (solenoids) assembled in one common block. Solenoids play an important role in the process of gear shifting, torque converter lock-up, and pressure adjustment in the hydraulic control system of the automatic transmission

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