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Find your closest and reliable automatic transmission workshop

Transmission rebuilders by country: USA | CANADA | UNITED KINGDOM | AUSTRALIA

It is important that transmission services are provided by experienced and reliable transmission specialists - whatever transmission problems people face with they have to be sure that their vehicles will be treated by people that they can trust. Usualy members of assosiations are most reliable workshops and can be trusted.

Here are several assosiations of transmission rebuilders you can rely on:

ATRA transmission repair shops list | HYDRA-TESTED valve body repair shops list | TCRA torque converter repair shops list | APRA transmission repair shops list | ATSG transmission repair shops list

Before getting your transmission repair make sure you know how to choose a reliable workshop:

Typical symptoms of transmission problems in your car

Factors that have an Impact on the Repair Price

How not to be ripped-off at the transmission repair shop

Typical transmission repair scams

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Typical symptoms of transmission problems

in your vehicle

  • Reverse gear does not work.
  • The car does not move forward, it is skidding.
  • There are in transmission shifting.
  • Strong jolts when shifting gears.
  • It possible to drive only on the 3-rd gear.
  • Gear shifting is performed with jerks.
  • There is ack of back running.
  • Car is shaking at any speed.
  • Buzzing in the gearbox.
  • Vibrations when driving.
  • You can drive in reverse only on cold gearbox.
  • ATF on dipstick is cloudy, thick or foul smelling.
  • The car moves when the neutral gear is engaged.
  • Transmission starts slipping and downshifts.
  • Kick-down doesn’t work.
  • From a standstill possition the driver can notice slipping.
  • Slipping occurs when shifting gears.
  • Strong kicks occur when shifting gears.
  • The car starts slipping under speed conditions and jerks when the driver shifts gears.
  • The car cannot move backward or forward, no oil pressure.
  • The car runs normally until the oil warms up. Then, starts slipping and eventually stops.
  • Metal scratching noise at idle speed.
  • The gearbox doesn’t shift to lower gear putting the pedal to the floor, kick-down doesn’t work.
  • There are large metal chips in the pan.
  • Transmission fluid foams.
  • There is low oil pressure.
  • When shifting the car into gear it stalls. When the RPM speed grows the car runs well.
  • There are aluminum chips in the pan.
  • There are plastic elements in the pan.
  • There are magnetized rollers are detected in the pan.

Factors that have an Impact on the Repair Price

Level of Damage

What elements are broken-down and to what extent they are damaged is the main criterion in the overall repair price. A newer, well-maintained car will cost less to fix than an older car that has been used with disregard to maintenance recommendations.

Manual vs. Automatic

In terms of design, manual transmissions are not as complex as automatic gearboxes; therefore the automatic gearbox repair can entail far greater costs

Make and Model

The make and model of your vehicle also turn out to be a determining factor when it comes to the repair value in the USA. Spare parts for a domestic model (like GM or Ford) are more affordable than parts for foreign cars (VW, BMW or Mercedes).

New vs Old/Classic Cars

If you are the owner of an old or retro car, you will have to loosen purse-strings when some component, especially the transmission, gets out of order. Firstly, not every repair shop can provide high-quality maintenance and repair for old/classic cars. Secondly, spare parts for such cars are hard to find (even used parts), therefore they will cost more. Classic/retro cars are not only the source of pride, but also huge expense items in the family budget. If you have to rebuild/replace the old car transmission, it may cost you even $5000.

On the other side, if you drive a common/comparatively new car, there’s a possibility that you could find a relatively inexpensive used gearbox or spare parts for it on the market and pay just for the labor. In many cases, it is more reasonable to replace the gearbox with a used unit rather than agree on time-consuming transmission rebuilds.

Location and Transmission Repair Shop

The repair shop location also may have impact on how much you will be charged for the gearbox repair. Areas with higher living expenses, or higher demands in services will commonly require higher prices. Different repair shops may have different approaches to pricing policy. Some shops charge higher prices than others for absolutely identical services due to brand, location, reputation, service portfolio, qualification of employees.

Don’t forget about Labor & Materials

It should be taken into account that the transmission repair cost also includes preliminary work and the price for installed spare parts. The gearbox is also attached to other systems in the car, so it takes some time and effort to take the gearbox out of the car – and this labor should be paid up.

Although you may buy a used/remanufactured gearbox by yourself, anyway you will have to pay for its installation and this procedure may cost you from a $1000 to $2000 once the labor costs have been included in the final price.

How not to be ripped-off at the transmission repair shop

Do online searches. Today, customers can find a lot of useful information in the Internet when it comes to the reputation, quality of service, customer care, prices, and feedbacks on almost all repair shops. So don’t be lazy and do your best to avoid potential scams.

Forget about phone estimates. Transmission repairs are hard if not impossible to quote over the phone. This in itself should be taken skeptically if a repair shop offers a quote without visual inspection of the car.

Evaluate the repair shop itself. Everything you see when you visit the repair facility, such as tidiness, attitude and professionalism, may give a clue whether you can count on the staff of this shop or not. Usually, recognized repair shops join well-known associations such as ATRA, ATSG, ASA to stay in touch with other members, visit industry events and educational seminars.

Get references. Ask your friends or relatives who has had good experiences with transmission repairs, and then look into that facility.

It is highly recommended to be present during the process of diagnostics. You have to make sure that there are error codes on the scanner connected to your car.

Get the result of computer diagnostics - error codes and check out what these codes stand for.

When you get error codes you can also consult with specialists from other repair shops regarding the required repair measures and prices.

Ensure that the automatic gearbox has been dismantled during the repair process – pay close attention to the fastening elements of the gearbox.

It is desirable to be present during the process of the pan removal.

After inspecting your car accurately, the shop technician should know for sure the failure cause in your car. He should be able to give you a written estimate that precisely identifies the issue and the cost of repair. If you get such document read it carefully before signing. If the workshop does not provide any documents or if the legal validity of these documents causes any doubts, then it’s better to find a more reliable repair shop. Reputable workshops always provide a legal document, which includes a full range of provided services – from diagnostics to the repair.

Not every auto mechanic can provide top-quality repair services for automatic gearboxes, therefore it’s better to contact a specialized workshop which employs highly-skilled technicians with practical experience in the repair of automatic transmissions.

If you have doubts after your transmission has been repaired visit some other repair service to lift the car and inspect the transmission. Specialists can see that straightaway whether the gearbox was dismantled or not.

Never fall for low prices. Automatic gearboxes are quite sophisticated units, so for you it would be wishful thinking to expect that it can be repaired cheaply and covered by a warranty.

The automatic gearbox repair is a time-consuming process, therefore beware of promises to bring you back on the road in 1 day. There is a great deal to do to produce a completely repaired gearbox. Be prepared to be without the car for a few days.

When you leave the car at the workshop, be sure to take note of the odometer reading — sometimes it happens that dishonest members of the repair shop staff use clients' cars for their own purposes.

If you know that the transmission replacement is inevitable, you can save some money by buying a remanufactured gearbox yourself (buy only from reliable suppliers!) and only pay a local repair shop for the labor to install it (instead of paying extra charge on a gearbox they buy).

Check if the warranty is still valid. If your car is still relatively new/low mileage you should check if your transmission’s issue is still covered by your powertrain warranty before going to a workshop.

Typical transmission repair scams


A popular method used by dishonest transmission rebuilders is that of lowballing a client. This tactics lies in the fact that the transmission shop tries to attract customers by very low prices or discounts on the repair. One of the ways to detect lowballing it is to take note on how much time it takes the shop's specialist to actually estimate the time and price for your car transmission repair.

Usually, proper diagnostics of transmission issues can take several hours and can almost never be performed in just a few minutes. You should be very skeptical about bottom prices that are not written down. These types of lowball prices often grow substantially after technicians disassemble your transmission. They assume that you don't want to waste more time, and raise the price of services significantly.

Fake Rebuilds

Another frequently used tactics is a fake transmission rebuild. In some cases, linkage issues have symptoms that resemble a gearbox failure. Some repair shops make a profit on not well-informed customers by telling that the gearbox is in awful condition and should be fully rebuilt, when in reality only the shift linkage has to be adjusted.

This type of fraud turns a minor repair that usually costs less than $100 into a repair that can cost even $1000. Actually, they are not likely to remove the gearbox from the car with the aim to perform any adjustments. The swindler only needs to keep your car long enough in order to convince you that they've performed required services on it. Sometimes, dishonest technicians discreetly put some metal chips on the pan while changing ATF and then use it as a pretext for costly repair.

Paying for Nothing

The workshop quotes you for services that have never been performed at all. For non-professionals it’s a difficult task to confirm what was done on a transmission, and dishonest rebuilders can take advantage of it.

Online Fraud

Fraud artists are taking advantage of customers who want to be tight with money by buying a transmission or spare parts on the Internet—especially refurbished transmissions. Undoubtedly, there are many trustworthy online transmission suppliers, but you should always be watchful of ones that offer presumably high-quality rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions on auction websites for suspiciously low prices under the pretext of special offers or discounts. Many people complain of purchasing a used transmission that had not been rebuilt at all, but simply had the bell housing cleaned and repainted.

Transmission Flushing

In the pursuit of extra money many gearbox repair specialists will offer you a flushing service when you take your car in for a different kind of service. They will tell you that the transmission has sludge and particles built up inside of it, and that a flush will be a perfect solution and restore your transmission back to the ideal operating condition.

However, this kind of service is not always the best option. You will find that most carmakers advice against getting a flush each time the technicians at repair shops try to impose it. In fact, some warranties on your transmission will be cancelled if you get a flush that does not comply with the manufacturer's guidelines.

New Transmission Warranty

When the warranty on your transmission runs out, you may think that buying an aftermarket warranty will be a great investment. It is reasonable to assume that the transmission replacement will cost you much higher, so a new warranty seems like a decent option. In theory, it is. But in practice, not all of the warranties that you will find on the market are reliable. In many cases, the sellers will promise customers everything they want to hear to get you to sign up for a new warranty. Always be sure to read carefully any warranty before you purchase it.

When you have doubts about the quality of purchased warranty it is reasonable to visit some of the local auto repair shops and check whether they would repair your car under the warranty that the company is offering. It is recommended to do it before buying the warranty. If the shop refuses to repair your car with that warranty, do not buy it.

No quote without car disassembly

The transmission repair specialist tells that he cannot give an accurate price for services unless your car is disassembled. Once it’s disassembled, you end up being a hostage of the situation, because towing your car in this condition to another shop is quite risky (it is not allowed). Don’t name aloud any prices before you receive a technician’s comment! Dishonest technicians may disassemble your transmission and give the price specified by you, even if there is nothing serious with your car. In this case it’s better to ask the technician to give you the best- and – worst-case scenario for the cost of repair or an average price, doing so will prevent the overpricing.

Phone estimation

This tactics is considered to be one of the most primitive forms of fraud, but still many drivers fall for surprisingly low prices offered by so-called “professionals” who can estimate the severity of the problem on the basis of several symptoms and give you an “accurate price”. What happens next is as follows: the gearbox is removed and disassembled, and the best part - suddenly you find out that the issue is much more complex and you have to pay much more than it has been previously estimated, and you’re on the hook.

To avoid such rip-off situations, it is also recommended to ask for the best-case scenario and worst-case scenario quotes in writing in advance. Thus, you will see potential financial expenses and decide whether you agree with the price or not. If the shop does not provide the written confirmation of prices for provided services, it’s better to find some other shop.

Used Transmission instead of Rebuilt/Remanufactured

Instead of being rebuilt, your transmission it may be replaced with a used unit. If you get a short-timed warranty for the service it is the first sign of this type of fraud.

One Day and your Transmission is as Good as New

Generally, when it comes to gearbox repair drivers have to forget about their cars for several days, but some money-craving shops can resort to such an ill-practice as short turnaround time. It should be borne in mind that it is impossible to accurately diagnose the gearbox and estimate the cost of repair in one day. Short-time warranty is the first sign of this type of scam.

We Can Repair any Part of your Car………except the Automatic Transmission

Frequently, auto repair services do not service automatic transmissions, but they never miss out on the chance to make easy money. When you visit such a shop, they will promise you to deal with the transmission issues promptly and efficiently, but in fact, they just take the transmission from your car to the repair shop and then add extra charge to the transmission repair.