How to sell on go4trans

We try to do our best for our users and for your convenience, we arranged a description of the standard procedure to arrange goods for sale using website. This explanation should help you understand how to display your product in the most effective way to speed up the leads and deals.


If you want to sell your products you account should be one of the following: "Supplier Workshop" or "Premium Supplier" you can register for them by following the link to our registration page.

After you register for appropriate account for posting your goods, there will appear a link to your administration panel in "My account" tab. Then you can follow the navigation buttons to post your products or other information.

Before posting a product for sale, you should arrange a description of your workshop, service center, or company, etc. (hereinafter, “Seller”) with contact details.

Tips for posting new product

  1. Take various pictures of your goods because visual perception of the product is always of great importance for buyers – upload them along with your post;
  2. Provide a detailed description of your product:
    - condition,
    - year of manufacture,
    - country of origin,
    - technical specifications(V, Hz, phases – for machinery),
    - material,
    - dimensions,
  3. Indicate the price of your product and the payment currency options. You may additionally specify if the price is negotiable or if it is final;
  4. Make sure to provide relevant contacts of the person in charge of the negotiations (especially, if the contacts are different from those of the Seller);
  5. You may wish to add any subsequent information relevant to a particular product. Imagine that you were to buy through the website and incorporate the information that would be useful in your opinion (for instance, payment methods, transportation options).

In case you have some questions about posting a product please write to xxxx and indicate your contact number.