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Hydra-Test Equipment (Valve Body Rebuilding technologies)

Hydra-Test is the brand of the company Cottingham Engineering Ltd, specialising in the Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Industry based in the UK. The company is the leader in the manufacture of Valve body and Solenoid testing machines, tools and equipment. The product portfolio includes the following technical solutions:

HT-VBT Deluxe Valve Body Test Machine

The HT-VBT Deluxe machine is considered to be the main flagship tool, which allows transmission specialists around the world to perform quality testing of the most popular modern Valve Body models and individual solenoids. HT-VBT Deluxe machine is a perfectly matching solution for small-scale and large transmission workshops and offers to Valve Body Rebuilders automated electronic pressure control ensuring repeatable oil (ATF) volume to the valve body as well as all original features in their most modern rendition. The Deluxe unit was designed with an enhanced heater control and dual monitor so it can endure higher temperatures during the test. It also has higher pressure pump capability.


HT- SOL Solenoid Tester

Hydra-Test SOL is a tool used for checking the condition of solenoids of various automatic transmission manufacturers. Cottingham Engineering designed a number of various solenoid test blocks making it possible to run tests for the majority of most popular makes on the present-day market. The unit is powered by our special version of the HTC-K Controller adopted for solenoid testing.

HT-SOL can operate with either Hot or Cold oil - it was built based Valve Body Rebuilders’ feedback and requests to assist in any tasks that they encounter. It has an improved capacity single tank with a fast drain rate. The pump and hydraulics have been redesigned to facilitate higher temperatures. In addition, the input pressure is controlled electronically. HT-SOL has a built-in flow meter with pressure transducers necessary for full data acquisition capture. The company also offers a low cost HTC-K Controller designed just to run solenoid tests. It also has full manual control and a built-in Ammeter.

HT-2000 - Automatic Transmission Circuit Integrity Test Unit

Cottingham Engineering designed an effective tool for transmission leaks identification with the use of hydraulic pressure. Its major advantage is portability and possibility to run the test without removal of the unit from the vehicle. The portable Hydra-Test HT-2000 unit allows Automatic Transmission Rebuilding specialists to test the hydraulic integrity of the individual gearbox components.

The portable Hydra-Test HT-2000 unit allows Automatic Transmission Rebuilding specialists to test the hydraulic integrity of the individual gearbox components. With a simple connection, clutch and band operation can be diagnosed. Bench testing the transmission unit can save valuable time by reducing unnecessary installation and removal of the automatic gearbox from the vehicle. To identify Transmission Leaks a test plate is attached to the transmission. Then using the flow meter, the operator performs a test to indicate the amount of leakage at the piston or servo seals. With that, a pass/fail condition can be determined.