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Isuzu A465 Transmission Pressure Switch PS3 PS4 PS5 PS6 Rostra 50-1168 27878C

Switch / Manifold, Pressure Switch, Rostra
Price on request
Transmission model:
  • New
  • Aftermarket


This part is New and fits your AB60F, it is made by Rostra. Pressure Switch is an important part of AB60F transmission. On you will find best deals from worldwide suppliers of New, Aftermarket parts for AB60F and other automatic transmissions.
Information about basic repairs for AB60F can be read here.

The gearbox ATF pressure switch is intended for interaction with the ECU of the car by means of pressure received from the pump. If the filter in the oil pan gets clogged, the pump will produce lower flow, putting less pressure on the switch. The switch will command the ECU to default the gearbox into a gear with the least level of pressure without any problems

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