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MUT-III Lite (Multi-use Tester-III Lite)

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Compatible with :
  • Mitsubishi
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The newest OEM diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi vehicles is the MUT-III Lite. It supports all K-Line and CAN protocols. The Event Data Recorder Kit (EDR) is an optional upgrade which allows technicians to retrieve vehicle information related to accidents or collisions.

Features & Specifications:
· Complete Dealer Level Coverage
· Improved Hardware for Faster Diagnostics & Programming
· 10.1" Touch Screen Display
· Semi-rugged Design for Improved Reliability

Kit Contents (P/N: MITFZG101-AM):
· Panasonic 10.1" Toughpad
· VCI-Lite Interface (P/N: MB992744
· Main Harness A-Lite (P/N: MB992745)
· Main Harness B-Lite (P/N: MB992746)
· USB Cable (P/N: MB992747 / MB992748)

· Optional EDR Upgrade (P/N: MITFZG101-EDR)

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