RE5R05A ECU Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
5 AT RWD/AWD 10,5 4,2-5 Nissan Matic-J 
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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Typical major repairs of this transmission involve the torque converter (TC) repair, reassembly, cleaning and change of friction elements, oil and filter, and repair kit of gaskets and seals. The main repoair issue of this transmission is caused by aggressive accelerations leading to fast wear-out of the TC locking unit, resulting in wear-out of channels and valves of the valve body. Consequently, the pressure shortage takes place in different packs depending on the computer settings provided by the automaker and driving style of the car owner. The brake band is also considered to be a spare part in this gear shifting unit. On powerful and heavy vehicles, the brake band may distort the drum. This part is commonly replaced during major repairs, when the car comes to the repair service after travelling 200 thousand kilometers or gets for repair with burnt fluid, burnt frictions and steel discs.

The unpredictability of vulnerabilities of this transmission is attributed to the point that this smart system was adjusted for many various cars. The wear-out of channels of the valve body and solenoids takes place in distinct areas for different models resulting in the oil pressure loss in various areas of the gearbox. The abovementioned issue results in rapid wear-out of frictions. In Nissan Pathfinder, Infinity etc, the valve body failure is specified by the following caption "Check Engine". It is one of three typical problems with the valve body and sensors. The other two problems are breakdown of solenoids and wear-out of valve body channels.

It is advisable to change fluid in this transmission more frequently, not waiting before it becomes opaque. When performing the fluid change on a timely basis, the valve body may operate properly even after 200 thousand kilometers and the overhaul may be delayed until 300 thousand kilometers. The valve body rebuilding is performed in rare cases. More frequently, this component is cleaned or changed by the new one. Issues of the valve body may be divided into mechanical (wear-out) and electrical – breakdown of sensors, wiring, solenoids, circuit boards of the valve body.