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4L30E OEM Shift Solenoid Set 1-2 2-3 3-4 Trooper Rodeo Honda BMW 24421E 24422E

Solenoid Kit, Solenoid
Price on request
Transmission model:
  • New
  • OEM

Which cars does this part fit?

Brand Model Year Type Engine
Acura SLX 96-99 4 SP RWD V6 3.2L 3.5L
BMW 3-SERIES 92-00 4 SP RWD L4 1.8 1.9L L6 2.5L 2.8L
BMW 5-SERIES 90-99 4 SP RWD L6 2.5L 2.8L
BMW 7-SERIES 00-01 4 SP RWD L6 2.9L
Cadillac CATERA 98-01 4 SP RWD V6 3.0L
Honda PASSPORT 94-02 4 SP RWD L4 2.6L V6 3.2L
Isuzu AMIGO 99-02 4 SP RWD L4 2.2L V6 3.2L
Isuzu AXIOM 02-04 4 SP RWD V6 3.5L
Isuzu RODEO 91-04 4 SP R/4WD ALL
Isuzu TROOPER 90-02 4 SP 4WD V6 3.2L 3.5L
Isuzu VEHICROSS 99-01 4 SP 4WD V6 3.2L
Opel / Vauxhall CATERA 00-01 4 SP RWD V6 3.0L
Opel / Vauxhall FRONTERA 00-04 4 SP RWD L4 2.2L V6 3.2L
Opel / Vauxhall OMEGA 00-03 4 SP RWD L4 2.0L 2.2L 2.5L V6 2.5L 2.6L 3.0L 3.2L


This part is New and fits your 4L30E. Solenoid Kit is an important part of 4L30E transmission. On you will find best deals from worldwide suppliers of New, OEM parts for 4L30E and other automatic transmissions.
Information about basic repairs for 4L30E can be read here.

A solenoid is an electro-hydraulic valve which is responsible for ATF flow inside the automatic gearbox. Solenoids usually have two states: normally-open and normally-closed solenoids. Solenoids are usually positioned in the valve body, TCU (TCM) of the transmission

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