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Automated Single Gun Welding Stand

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SV 10.005


Automated Single Gun Welding Stand is used for high-precision and accuracy welding two halves of torque converter body with specified allowances for axial run-out and internal thermal clearance. Includes a special software algorithm of preliminary spot fixing of parts that prevents unilateral misalignment, resulting from the stress of a welded joint. Operated by a touch panel with detailed menu in different languages. Automatic approach of torch is operated by joystick and stand has a memory of last position of the arm to speed up batch welding.

• Power Supply Voltage: 9.7 V
• Power, Consumed by Stand: 380 kW
• Net Weight: 1014.1 lbs. (460 kg)
• Max. Diameter of Torque Converter: 17.7" (450 mm)
• Max. Height Between Chucks: 9.8" (250 mm)
• Dimensions: 79.3" x 44.1" x 29.5"

(2015 x 1120 x 750 mm)

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