Torque Converter Equipment

Torque Converter rebuilding is nowadays a process that is done both by large reman factories and smaller-scale automatic transmission repair businesses. The process is rather easy to comprehend and the quality of rebuilding greatly depends on how well a Torque Converter is opened on a lathe machine and what sort of replacement components is used. This means that transmission repair specialists have to buy transmission parts from trusted manufacturers. Still, all this is accomplished with durable machines and personal operator’s experience.

What are you looking for?

The Torque Converter is an external node of the automatic transmission in the form of a disc which transmits torque from the engine to the transmission and is used for absorption (and transformation) of torque from the engine with the use of two turbines rotating in the oil - the driven and the driving.

The Torque Converter functions are protection of the gearbox at sharp acceleration and engine braking (this work is done by the damper and the hydraulic fluid between the turbines) and torque increase. It is one of the first units of the automatic transmission which exhausts its service life and requires overhaul. Friction lining gets worn out (often unevenly, leading to vibrations), begins to spoil and overheat the ATF, to clog hydraulic unit valves, which causes lack of transmission oil supply to clutches - this leads to a bunch of faults within an automatic transmission.

If you linger with the replacement of worn-out friction lockup, you may encounter such problems as overheating of the hub, vibration of the output shaft, which trigger problems with the next element - oil pump. And the pump is the "heart" of the automatic gearbox that drives the oil to Valve Body and automatic transmission clutch packages.