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Hydra-Torque WS 3.2 Torque Converter Welder

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Torque Converter Welder features:
  • Welded frame / Dual gun welding / Single gun welding / MIG welding
  • New
Phase / Hz:
  • - according to requirements
  • - according to requirements
WS 3.2


Hardware of the welding stand runs by our HTC-S Controller - allowing for ease of software updates and firmware upgrades. Increased rotation of the turntable (up to 60 rpm) - allowing for extra quick placement of the welding points. Movements between the 2 welding points (even 180 degrees opposite) is done in less than 1 second. This fully prevents metal deformation and guarantees precise alignment. Touch screen control panel, duplicating the main operating modes with physical buttons. This allows the user to still use emergency mode for manual control even if the touch screen computer gets somehow damaged. Removable stainless steel panels in the welding area - for additional protection from welding splatter. Additional lighting of the work area with a separate switch on the control panel. Exhaust fan to remove the by-products of welding. Screen covering the work area to protect the operator during the work cycle. Steel Set-tru precision chucks and high precision bearings - you achieve the highest standard of accuracy. Special marks on the faceplate with a pointer allowing the most accurate positioning of the welding torches - with an additional button of return to the '0' position to initiate the welding process. Simplified procedure of updating to the 2-gun welding stand - in case of especially high volumes - with easy software reload process.


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