It is Possible to Clutch Kick with a PDK Transmission

In the past, manual transmissions ensured much better control and acceleration capacities compared to fast-shifting automatics. But new technologies implemented in automatic transmissions allowed to eliminate almost all advantages of classic gear stick solutions and facilitated to a slumping demand for manual cars. A well-known car enthusiast Matt Farah has recently proved technical superiority of automatic technologies, proving that it’s real to “clutch kick” with Porsche’s PDK transmission in a 911 GT3 RS.

First of all, let us clarify what is a clutch kick? On conventional manually shifted cars, a clutch kick is when the driver promptly disengages the clutch and reengages it by jabbing the third pedal all the way to the floor, then quickly releasing. This is to get the engine to rev up into its maximum power band by releasing the load from the drivetrain as if one were freely revving either in neutral or with the clutch pedal down. This trick allows a driver to significantly increase the drive wheels spinning.

7-speed PDK transmission

What’s the point of doing it? For instance, if you want to perform a powerslide trick when driving a RWD vehicle, without oversteering or accomplishing so-called “Pendulum Turn”, you can certainly resort to the mode of operation described above.

Check out how to clutch kick in the PDK-equipped Porsche

But is it possible to perform such a maneuver while driving an automatic car (such as Porsche’s PDK)? According to Mr. Farah, you have to disengage all the traction control system. Then, when driving, it is necessary to switch off the PDK’s clutch by using paddle-shifters and then push on the gas pedal. If fact, it can be named as a PDK’s clutch kick!

It’s hard to say how the frequent use of such feature will affect the PDK transmission parts, but it is certainly pleasant to know that you automatic Porsche has an operational parameter of a manual transmission.

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