Other machines required by transmission specialists for quality Torque Converter rebuilding include the End-play Gauge Stand (also called Internal Clearance check stand), Air Test Stand (identifies bad welds through use of compressed air and a water basin), particular tool for 6HP Torque Converters by ZF, sets of tooling for lathe, and some more.

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Air test stand allows transmission repair expertes to quickly drive compressed air into the Torque Converter to detect possible leaks in welded joints or other places of violation of the integrity of the body of the unit - such as cracks mainly. End-play gauge (Internal clearance check) stand allows to accurately determine minor but rather significant gap inside a Torque Converter which shows how well the internal components rest inside the body of the unit and how they will react at driving the automatic transmission vehicle. Torque converters of the modern automatic transmissions by ZF have a sliding lock mechanism in the friction clutch that requires being previously loaded for a particular pressure value. Nowadays multiple manufacturers provide a unique device - a stand for measurement of this previous load. Using this stand transmission specialists can control and adjust the required pressure force of the lock-up clutch - this value directly fluently gears are switched and how well the rebuilt transmission will drive. The minor tools tools include special kits for lathe and impeller hub replacement.