End-of-Line Testing Equipment

This section contains a variety of machines used to rebuild, diagnose, and test complete gearboxes - all suitable for transmission shops. This is the right place for quality transmission repair when considering complex transmission dyno test stands and smaller units like transmission fluid (oil) changers or transmission leak test machine - such as the HT2000 unit allowing to test circuit integrity without removal of an automatic transmission from the vehicle. Performance transmissions, used transmissions, rebuilt transmissions all require reliable equipment to accomplish the transmission repair.

What are you looking for?

Automatic Transmissions compile an impressive majority for vehicles on the US market and every year the overall quantity of Automatic Transmissions worldwide (as well as Direct-Shift gearboxes and Continuously Variable transmissions) increases. It is a good sign that confirms that drivers ceased to be afraid of automatic transmission repairs. The price of a quality automatic transmission overhaul is considerable, which leaves professional transmission specialists with vast space for profit. This requires investment in professionalism of the staff and reliable transmission equipment.

Along with the fact that over the past 10-15 years the number of Automatic Transmission vehicles worldwide has significantly grown, it is worth noting that this triggered growth and development of automatic transmission repair quality and accessibility of spare parts. On the other hand, the aggressiveness of driving an automatic transmission is closer now to the behaviour of manual gearboxes. Aggressive style of driving inevitably speeds up the moment for referring to a transmissions specialist for an overhaul.

In 2000s gearboxes were distinctively reliable and consistent and torque converters almost never caused talks about “the slipping-clutch mode” - they automatically blocked at the velocity of approx. 60 km/h.

For convenience of automatic transmission repairs various manufacturers (Autoline, Borg Warner, Transtec, ATOK, Precision, etc.) developed sets of most popular “consumables” for automatic transmissions: gaskets, seals, friction linings, rings, filters, washers, and other. Quality spare parts are also important for effective and durable transmission overhaul. Common sets include: overhaul kits (sets of gaskets and seals), master kits, sets of frictions, piston kits, steel disc kits, bushing kits, washer kits and other.