Motor State Distributing Adds Bowler Performance Transmissions

Motor State Distributing, a major distributor of racing tools and high performance auto parts, has added Bowler Performance Transmissions to its growing vendor product range. In many high-powered cars, the transmission frequently turns out to be a soft spot. Creating gear shifting solutions intended to transmit the torque from powerful engines installed in today’s speed racing cars requires expertise, skills, and attention to detail.

Bowler Performance Transmissions has a solid experience in development of transmission solutions with high performance capacity and intended for operation under severe conditions. Whether it starts with OEM transmissions or Tremec transmissions, Bowler’s experts know what it takes to take them to the next level in operational capacity and durability. Motor State Distributing now offers the complete range of Bowler’s products.

About Motor State Distributing

Founded in 1964, Motor State Distributing has gained recognition as a major distributor of high performance auto parts for racing, street and off-road applications. The company provides exceptional customer support and a wide range of quality solutions to mobile workshop trucks, auto parts vendors, workshops, and others.

About Bowler Transmissions

Established in 1963 as a family-owned transmission repair shop, today Bowler has become a big provider of custom-built performance transmissions. The product portfolio of the company includes a complete line of automatic and manual transmissions, packages and parts and accessories (including torque converters, coolers, input shafts, total cure packages, bell housings, flywheels, paddle-shifters, dipsticks, transmission controllers, pans, lock-up control modules, and much more).

The company also provides transmission rebuilding services. Each transmission unit is completely rebuilt using only top-quality spare parts and thoroughly tested before it is sent to the customer. Moreover, the company is an official distributor of Tremec and Legend Transmission.

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