Transmission Technologies in Motorsport

Every bit of delay in gear shifting can cost racers the victory. Therefore, engineers involved in the process of the transmission development for racing cars frequently come up with unusual solutions to gain competitive advantage. In this section, you will learn about Racing Transmissions, Performance Torque Converters, Lubricants, Transmission Parts, and other peculiar technologies implemented in racing cars.

If you are used to keeping everything under control, including the gear shifting process in your classic car, you should certainly consider using an advanced electronic transmission in your motorcar. If you make up your mind to give it a try, you will need an additional transmission module/controller to move the performance capacity of your car to a new level.

In recent years it has become commonplace to say that manual transmissions have become obsolete and can no longer compete with more technically advanced types of transmissions both in performance capacity and in cost-efficiency. But recently the racing world has become a witness to a surprising speed record. We are talking about a tuned Toyota Supra equipped with a six-speed manual transmission that has set a drag strip record for manual cars.

With a price tag reaching almost $60 grand, the new Chevy Stingray is an undisputed performance car bargain. However, as it has been recently discovered, now you can buy a dedicated Corvette dragster for $12,000 less than the Stingray. This car is claimed to cover the quarter-mile distance in only 7.5 secs.

ZF, the German manufacturer of automatic transmissions and related parts, has designed a cutting-edge hybrid driveline for an annual rally raid Dakar. ZF, in collaboration with MKR Technology, has integrated the new driveline into the Riwald Dakar team’s truck. This advanced technology was specifically designed for this racing competition.

While most racing series have already been integrating sequential or DCT transmissions for quite a while, NASCAR has remained committed to its standard 4-speed manual H-pattern transmission. But recently, automotive news media have reported that the next-gen NASCAR Cup Series car that is presently under development comes with a six-speed transmission instead of a standard 4-speed unit.

Enhanced customization capability is one of the main advantages of modern cars that are computer-operated, but what should be done when the computer’s ability reaches its limits? When we are talking about gear shifting characteristics of modern cars, it is recommended to consider the TCU 2.0 Transmission Controller provided by TCI. This solution gives a user 100% transmission operation.

Legendary Tremec T-56 transmission was not designed to handle enormous torque and rev rates of modern engines. It seems like T-56s are doomed to end up at junkyards, but tech specialists from Rockland Standard Gear decided not to give up on the famous Tremec product and came up with an interesting solution.

Motor State Distributing, a major distributor of racing tools and high performance auto parts, has added Bowler Performance Transmissions to its growing vendor product range.

Operating under extreme conditions, transmissions installed in Le Mans racing cars still have to timely deliver the necessary amount of torque to the wheels to increase the team's chances of winning. To put it simply, the transmission must be durable and Ricardo knows for sure how to achieve this goal.

Recently, Open-Wheels platform has informed that that Mitchell Transmissions will become the presenting sponsor for the premiere 500 Mile Race, scheduled for November 17, 2019.

Formula One is considered by many as a pioneer of racing technical solutions, but in many cases new ideas of F1 engineers often come to nothing because of strict rules regulated by responsible authorities (FIA). The history of F1 is full of instances of banned innovative solutions. In this article we will take a look at the story of the CVT transmission technology in Formula One.

Recently, Ricardo has announced the launch of production of newly-designed transmission solutions for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship 2020. This statement manifests the start of the Ricardo’s 4-th season of providing its advanced car components to teams taking part in the most popular 100% electric street racing competitions.

Pacing technologies have always been the main factor in progress and competitive power of FuelTech company, specialized in production of controllers and management systems for racing cars.Recently, the company has updated ECU software released software update for ECUs in drag racing cars, ensuring improved control over gearbox operation.

ProTorque Performance company has recently unveiled its newly made torque converter, which will become an excellent addition to the company’s product portfolio. Designed specifically for 1,000-2,000 hp street cars as well as for racing cars, especially drag racing, the new U9 torque converter can find application in GM TH350/TH400/Powerglide 30-spline transmissions.

In motorsports, a good start frequently turns out to be the key to success, and this is particularly true for drag racing, where cars cover the whole distance within seconds. Many nonprofessional drag racing admirers must wonder how drag racers manage to take off so fast. In this article, we will consider a special mechanism named transbrake, which does the trick.