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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
6 AT FWD 280 7 4 G 052 025 A2

The 09G (TF60-SN - according to Aisin Co classification) is the first 6-speed transmission which has been used since 2003 for virtually all FWD cars of Volkswagen and Audi family (A3, A4 and TT) with engine capacity from 1.4 up to 2.0 liters (Mini Cooper, Skoda Fabia, Polo)

The 09G is designed for torque up to 280 Nm.This solution is the successor of 5-speed AW55-50. It competes with the German transmission ZF 6HP19-/21 and considered to be more durable and relatively cheap in repair.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The 09K and 09M sub-modifications were released after testing and upgrade of the 09G transmission. They were used together with engines with the capacity equal up to 3.5 liters (TF-62SN -61SN, Passat, Superb, Transporter). Many other modifications of this transmission, which differ mainly in electric components and the valve body construction, can be encountered in the repair shops. Peculiarities of the TF60SN transmission are typical for most of 6-speed transmissions and are associated with fast ATF contamination by the friction lining of the torque converter which operates with slipping of the lockup clutch, and when the engine operates under unusually high temperature. The torque converter is rebuilt during each overhaul.

Typical repair procedures for the 09G (TF-61SN \TF-60SN) transmission

Typical overhaul of the 09G transmission involves reassembly and replacement of following spare parts:

  • A set of 4 problematic pistons consisting of a piston / retainer pair for a problematic package К2 (С2) and retainers of clutches K1 and K3 is almost always changed together with seals and gaskets (overhaul kit). It is recommended to replace friction clutches together when the К2 package burns out completely and the rest of friction linings are stained with burnt ATF
  • Abnormal operation of the TF60-SN valve body often manifests itself in problems with 4-5-6 speeds. Error codes - P0734, P0735 or P0729 signal that solenoids and valves of the valve body are worn / clogged. The solenoids are rebushed with the help of the Bushings Repair Kit.
  • The transmission pump is the next stage in the repair process. The axle deformation, surface damage and bushing cranking are caused by an uneven wear out of friction lining and related thereto vibrations. The tool kit of bushings (5 pieces) also gets replaced. The most deformed bushings are: bushings of sun gear, rear cover, pump, and package К3 (С3).

The typical malfunction can be described as follows:

1-st stage. The torque converter friction gets actuated with slippage starting from the 3-rd gear, without waiting for the levelling of the transmission and engine shaft RPM. The friction element gets damaged and contaminates ATF with hard and sticky powder.

2-nd stage. Plungers and valves get blocked and give less oil pressure to one of the packages, and as a result, worn parts have leakages, oil overflows, critical decrease of pressure in the clutch packs.

One of the most complicated cases is the wearout of the valve body and/or one of its irreplaceable components. Then it is required to change the entire valve body. Another reason the valve body failure is the replacement of solenoids which exhausted their performance potential. Preliminary, it is required to check the wiring and electrics contacts. It is rare that problems are caused by the shaft speed sensors ISS and OSS, they are cleaned and the ATF is washed off. The replacement of pump and semi-axle seals is also performed quite frequently.

The pump bushing (46.9x43.9x14.8) is replaced, if the wear-out reaches 0.10 mm. First of all, friction components and clutch steel discs K2 4-5-6 (C2) are examined for wear. Clearances in clutch packages affect the quality of switching and hard parts wear-out. It is required to change the Piston К2 (C2) and the retainer. The retainer K1 is also replaced quite frequently. The cause of this problem is solved by replacing the repair clutch of the rear cover. It is more rarely that you have to replace spare parts of the K3 package. In many cases, the clutch drum wear-out leads to some kicks (impact) while shifting gears. The factory clearance (gap) is 1.4 mm. When the clearance (gap) increases up to 1.8 mm, then kicks become noticeable. Such friction components are replaced to stop the wearout chain reaction.

Problems with the rear planetary gear are mainly explained by slipping of insufficiently lubricated bushings. The torque converter is one of the typical problems for 6-speed automatic transmissions. It works with a wide “slippage mode”. The pressure for blocking is provided not by simple electric valve, but by the PWM solenoid. This mode of operation increases the car efficiency, but enormously speeds up the process of wear-out for the torque converter friction lining.