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VL380, VL381

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (change) L ATF type
8 CVT FWD/AWD 400 5.5-7 G 052 516 A2

8-speed CVT 0AW (VL380) was produced by Audi in 2004 for 4WD Audi models (from А3 (Sportback) to А7 (Sportback)) with gasoline engines from 1.8 to 3 liters to replace the 6-speed transmission 01J.

In 2007, the new modification of this transmission named VL381 was produced. This CVT inherited only few spare parts (friction elements, steel disc etc) and the operation principle from its predecessor 01J. Electric components and the valve body were significantly improved. This smart transmission can send a huge torque (for CVTs) - up to 400Nm.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

There is still some old peculiarity of this transmission, which is related to the pulling chain – if the car equipped with this transmission is used for towing, then the cones with the chain get damaged without a chance for repair.

Parts for repair of the 0AW transmission (besides an internal filter) are quite rare and available on request. For example, one of the typical issues is burning of the clutch drum. The internal filter is the same as for VL380 and 381. Filters are produced for deep and small pans.The list of required spare parts also includes the belt, which should be replaced without waiting for the moment when very expensive cones may be damaged. The price of these cones is comparable with depreciation value of the vehicle itself.

The pulling belt gets stretched pretty fast because of extreme loads. Automakers give different figures regarding the belt service life before it should be replaced, but all of these figures are much lower than 200 thousand kilometers, therefore the belt is included in every second order for the overhaul of the 0AW transmission. In rare cases, it is necessary to replace a very expensive TCM (control unit) – valve channels of this control unit can be damaged by contaminated ATF.