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The 5-speed automatic transmission 545RFE is the modification of 45RFE which has been produced since 2003. According to Chrysler classification the name of this transmission family means the following: 5 - five speeds, 45 - class on the maximum torque , RFE - Rear (rear-wheel drive)/ Full (all-wheel drive), Electric stands for electrical gear shifting control. The abovementioned transmissions differ only in chip tuning of the TCM unit. In 2001, Chrysler engineers introduced new TCM software update, which included modified gear ratio algorithms for shifting gears in the automatic transmission and it contributed to appearance of the 5-th gear. This added gear is not physical, therefore it doesn't have an additional package of clutches and planetary gear set. In 2002, another software update was implemented. This measure also included adjustment of gear ratios for the 4-th and 5-th gears in order to reduce the engine RPM and to improve fuel economy during long high-speed driving. In 2004, the transmission was upgraded one more time - engineers installed a new block of solenoids with a white connector, which is less noisy in operation, more reliable, and durable than the previous set of solenoids with a black connector.

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