62TE Transmission parts

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
6 AT FWD 8,5 5,2 Mopar ATF+4

The 62TE is a 6-speed automatic transmission produced in 2006 as the part of АТ family Chrysler "UltraDrive". The FWD 4-speed A604 (41TE) is taken as a base model for 62TE in terms of design. The 62TE is produced for FWD cars Chrysler with the engine up to 4-liters (sedans Sebring, crossovers Pacifica, and minivans Town & Country, Voyager and Caravan from Dodge).

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Repair procedures and typical problems

Repair kits for the 62TE transmission include the following:

- Repair kit of gaskets and seals

-Kit of friction components

-Kit of steel discs

A standard set for reassembly of the automatic transmission with burnt friction elements includes the kit of pistons (6 pieces).The block of solenoids, separately installed solenoid EPC and sensor EPC serve as a typical spare part for these transmissions when the car runs 200 thousand kilometers.

EPS solenoids and solenoid of the torque converter clutch lock-up are the first to wear out in the valve body. Solenoids are replaced together with worn-out rings and gaskets in order to avoid early overloading of these delicately adjusted electric regulators.