6DCT250 Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

DPS6, PS250, DC4, EDC6

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
6 DCT FWD 1,8 1,8 75w90

The 6DCT250 6-speed transmission has been developed for front-transverse installation in medium and compact cars with the torque capacity up to 280 Nm. This transmission is equipped with a dual wet clutch. Currently, this transmission is installed in almost all Ford models.

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Which cars run with this gearbox?

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A smooth gear shifting is ensured thanks to the parallel operation of two main shafts, actuated by the clutch system. In practice, it is implemented in the following way: one clutch selects the necessary gear, while the other one prepares the next gear for engagement. It is worth mentioning that the gear shifting process in the 6DCT250 transmission rules out the possibility of torque losses. In other words, the automatic transmission successfully combines all conveniences of automatic transmissions and the efficiency of manual transmissions. This transmission may have a separate PTU with AWD system, as well as a start-/stop feature without modification of the hardware. Combined with an E-motor, the gearbox may also be applied in a hybrid drive.

Peculiarities of operation:

In terms of design, this transmission is a nonstandard solution, which specifies special requirements for the maintenance and operation of the vehicle:

- When stopping the car, the driver has to press the brake pedal, using the handbrake lever, and only then shit to “P” parking position;

- When using the vehicle in the "Select-Shift" mode, the driver should not keep the button “+/-“ pressed;

-When the engine runs idly, the driver should switch the selector into “P” (parking) or into “N” (neutral) mode;

- When selecting “R” (reverse), “S” (sport), or “D” (drive) mode, it is not recommended to keep the brakes engaged for a long time;

- Transmission repair specialists recommend changing of ATF and filter after each 45 thousand kilometers. It is important that this procedure should be performed at special services.


The most common faults in the 6DCT250 Powershift transmission are related to the clutch system. Due to structural stiffness, this transmission component responds to ECU malfunctions, which may lead to wedging and gear failure. In some cases specialists detect ATF leakages in the primary shaft seal. The ATF appearance on the clutch may lead to slippage.