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6F35 Transmission parts

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
6 AT FWD/AWD 350 8,5 4,8 Mercon LV/ Motorcraft XT-10-QLVC

The 6-speed automatic transmission 6F35 (6F30) is a collaborative investment project of Ford with GM released in 2002. With regard to transmission components 6F35 is practically a complete analog of the GM 6T40- 6T45 transmission, details for manufacturing of these transmissions are unified to the fullest extent and differ only in electrical elements, filters, and pans. This transmission has been installed since 2008 on popular American FWD and AWD vehicles of Ford (Kuga, Focus, Escape, Fusion...) and Mazda (Tribute) with the engine from 1.6 up to 3 liters. There are two different modifications of the 6F35 – with engines less than 2.5 liters and 3 liters engine. The design of the 6F35 is based on the flagship model 6F50 /6F55= 6T70 /6T75, constructed on modular principle of maximum standardization and interchangeability of blocks.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

In most cases repair procedures for this transmission consist of oil (DEXRON®VI or original XT-10-QLV) change and filter replacement. This transmission is very sensitive to the ATF level. It has no ATF level gauge and its levellevel is tested in compliance with the overflow stopper. As all 6-speed transmissions, the 6F35 (6F30) is sensitive to loads when the ATF is cold.

The torque converter (TC) repair includes the replacement of the worn-out lock-up friction element. The valve body is cleaned with change of paper gaskets, worn rings and sealing from the overhaul kit. Elements of the torque converter clutch lock-up are the first to be replaced during repair procedures. The problem of early wear-out of the valve body is caused by overheating and contaminated ATF from the TC.

The lifespan of this transmission depends on the control unit settings and driving style. Computer settings were frequently changed to set some limits on driver’s capacities in usage of transmission resources in order to reduce the level of preliminary damage to transmission components.

Solenoids of this transmission operate very intensively, thus when they reach the end of their service life they get replaced with the new ones. Timely detection of problems with fluid pressure, slipping of friction components and wear-out of the TC clutch allow masters to get by with a minor preventive repair of the transmission with replacement of worn-out rings and rubbers without highly-priced services, which include replacement of worn-out valve body, solenoids, and bushings. The seal and pump bushing are first to wear out, when the TC friction elements reach the end of their service life.

The TC lifespan depends on the driving style and may be from 70 up to 150 thousand kilometers. Rapidly contaminating ATF may be one of the first symptoms of some problems. Generally, the 6F35 transmission family is quite robust and convenient in use. It may be even the best in the list of budget-friendly 6-speed automatic transmissions designed by American engineers.