722.2 Transmission parts

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
4 AT RWD 7 4 236.12

The first two modifications 722.1 and 722.2 of the family of automatic transmissions are rarely found in repair services. Commonly, this automatic transmission is installed on cars produced in the 80th. Owners of cars with the 722.2 transmission prefer the transmission rebuilding in order to preserve a rare car.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Visually the automatic transmission 722.2 is distinguished by small square pan with reinforcement ribs. The automatic mechanism controlling the process of gear shifting is located in the pan of the housing and appears to be a separate unit in contrast with automatic transmission designs of the following series. Shafts and planetary gears in this automatic transmission are highly precise and of high quality almost without application of aluminum alloy and plastic, seals are made of metal rings. The resource of these parts is much higher than the resource of friction components and in some cases of the car itself. If the transmission starts to transmit the rotation of shafts improperly, shifts gears with jolts, then it is required to perform the emergency repair (in this case replacement of some friction elements). Further usage of a faulty transmission may lead to its replacement. Signs of pumps damage consist in leaks between the transmission and the torque converter. In case of the pump wedging, it is required to replace the torque converter.