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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
7 DCT RWD 2,1 1,8 DCTF105786

The 7-speed automatic transmission PowerShift 7DCT300 was manufactured by Getrag. This transmission with 2 clutches is intended for front-wheel drive cars with the engine east-west mounting. The design of this transmission successfully combines two multiple-disc clutches and electro-hydraulic gearbox actuators. The 7DCT300 is designed on the basis of the 6-speed PowerShift 6DCT250. The basic design of the transmission is implemented according to the three shaft configuration. At the same time the total weight of the transmission was reduced from 72 to 67kg. The development of the improved design was made because of more severe requirements for fuel economy, dynamics and environmental compatibility of cars.

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Designed on a modular platform, the 7DCT300 transmission is intended for engines with the torque capacity up to 300 Nm. Engineers of this transmission solution think that the most remarkable feature of this transmission is an intelligent power transmission system Smart Actuation. This system facilitated to reducing the powertrain power consumption to 40 volt and made this transmission more efficient. Electric actuators, as a part of the transmission control mechanisms, can operate with the non-running engine and when the car is not moving. The electronic transmission control unit (TCU) is mounted on the transmission case. By means of the wiring harness, the TCU is connected to 5 electric motors, 2 speed sensors, oil temperature sensors, sensor of engaged gear and two pressure sensors in clutch actuators. The TCU software was designed taking into account demands of 23 automakers using Getrag transmissions with 2 clutches. Usually, the transmission is equipped with the open-type differential, so the oil filling operation is performed when the transmission is installed on the car and when the wheel drives are mounted. However, at the request of the car manufacturer, the PowerShift 7DCT300 may be equipped the differential of the closed type. Currently, dual-clutch transmissions produced by Getrag are installed on such cars as Ford Focus, Ford Galaxy, Renault Clio RS, Honda-Acura, Ferrari 458 Speciale, BMW-M, Volvo, Qoros.