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A440F Transmission parts


Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
4 AT RWD/4WD 420 15 6 Dexron III, VI

Automatic transmissions A440 and A442 are very reliable units. Repair services for these transmissions resemble the repair of manual transmissions.These 4-speed automatic transmissions were installed on "invincible" and powerful Land Cruiser with the engine 4 liters since 1985 up till 1995 (440F), and then from 1993 the A442F modification made this transmission family of Aisin Warner very popular as well as А340 (AW30-40LE).In 1998 electrical components and the valve body of the A442F. It is a low-maintenance transmission in regard to ATF status, but the fluid cleanness should be taken into consideration.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The А440 - 442 units are notable for their reliability and even 20-year old transmissions basically require only replacement of friction filters and repair kits.The torque converter with worn-out lockup clutch is frequently repaired in this transmission. After 10-12 years of service all gaskets, seals and rings get worn and fragile, therefore they should be replaced. The replacement of spare parts of the repair kit gives this transmission additional 3-5 years of service life. The Precision overhaul kit is used more often than Transtec overhaul kit.The first spare parts that get worn-out are teflon rings and frictions of Forward and Direct packages.

The pump cover bushing is a common component to be replaced in these “invincible” transmissions. This problem may be caused by the worn-out torque converter, overheating, clogged valve body or ageing of the transmission itself.The planetary gear Forward is the first to get out of order in old Land Cruisers. It’s a rare case when in this gearbox you get burnt drums, pump gears, valve body, torque converter, but when it happens the structure of this transmission is not to blame, except for the fact that it is allowed to heat the oil with slipping up to 150 С. It is said that after the overhaul this simple and resourceful transmission starts a new service life. This family of transmissions has a long service resource, that allows us to call this transmission “invincible” under conditions of sufficient cooling and timely fluid change.