A500 Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

40RH, 42RE, 42RH, 44RH, R4AC1

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT RWD 11,6 4,5 Mopar ATF+4

Since 1988, the automatic transmission A500 had been installed on different models of Dodge pickups. After its modification in 1994 and renaming as 42RE (as electrically controlled transmission), it became used on famous Jeeps with the engine capacity equal to 4 liters and higher.

The 4-speed enhanced modification of 44RE named as A500 was developed for engines with a high torque (5-liter petrol-powered and 3-liter diesel engines). In terms design, this transmission is related to the TF6 (A904), and was installed on RWD vehicles and Mitsubishi pickups.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Repair kits of gaskets and seals and frictions are frequently ordered for repair of this transmission.The contamination of ATF and the valve body starts with wear-out of the torque converter lock-up. The torque converter rebuilding is recommended without waiting until the friction component damage to the glue layer.This family of RWD automatic transmissions allows drivers to use its capacity to the fullest and operates for a long time without the overhaul.

Because of transmission ageing, wear-out of the torque converter clutch (repair of the torque converter and friction replacement) and related to it overheating and oil starvation, specialists order the following parts:

- pump cover bushing

- pump seal

- Brake bands Kickdown and Reverse also considered to be "spare parts" and get replaced almost during each overhaul of an old vehicle.

The oil starvation often occurs because of problems with clogged valve body channels or as a result of improper operation of electric regulators and sensors. And it’s a consequence of a long-term exploitation with overheated and contaminated oil, caused by the worn-out torque converter lining. Torque converters on these transmissions should be repaired to prevent problems after covering 120-150 thousand kilometers.

Typical orders for the electirc part of the transmission:

- governor pressure sensor;

- ЕРС solenoid;

- block of solenoids;

- planetary gear (Front);

Specialists also frequently replace the Central support

- Gear selector is also ordered quite often for replacement.