A960E Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

TB65, TB-65SN

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
6 AT RWD 314 8,5 4,1 Toyota WS

The 6-speed automatic transmission А960Е with longitudinal positioning was designed in 2005 by Aisin Co for rear-driven Lexus cars (sedans GS300, IS250 and IS300) with 2.5-3 liters. It also operates on right-hand Toyota MARK X. This transmission is developed on the principle of modules on the basis of the 5-speed A750 transmission together with 6-speed A761, but intended for a lower torque (190-300 Nm). The main competitor of this transmission is ZF6HP19-21. According to Aisin Co classification, this transmission for Lexus can be named TB-65SN.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Frequently used sports mode of this transmission quickly leads to the wear-out of the torque converter friction and fluid contamination. If the piston friction turns out to be worn-out, then some glue components reach the fluid, that makes some instant negative impact on the valve body functionality. Contrary to the 6НР19 unit with the torque converter having several double-sided frictions for the slippery mode, the A960E transmission has a single friction glued to the piston, that requires monitoring of the wear-out and when having any suspicions related to lack of the torque converter lockup, therefore well-timed diagnostics and spare parts replacement procedures should be implemented.

Typical overhaul of А960Е requires replacement of the following parts:

- Kit of gaskets and seals, without pistons.

After burning of frictions they are all replaced with rubber seals. The contaminated fluid leads to wear-out of teflon rings. If these rings wear out, they start contaminating transmission fluid.

- Kit of frictions, which are replaced in most cases.

- Kit of steel discs which together with friction discs and repair kit of gaskets represents the complete repair kit (Masterkit).

Complete and timely replacement of spare parts in this durable transmission adds up to 70% of increased resource before the overhaul.

- The pan gasket is ordered each time when changing the ATF and removing the pan for the filter replacement.

The valve body repair with replacement of solenoids always implies the torque converter rebuilding. The torque converter spare parts are the first to exhaust their resource.One more problem that may be caused by vibrations from worn-out friction of the lock-up mechanism that damages the pump seal and bushing itself. The typical soft point of this transmission is the oil pump unit with leaking seal, and if it is neglected the problem spreads to the pump bushing. Further driving without timely repair of the torque converter leads to the loss of the pump itself. It is often accompanied by wear-out of the torque converter lockup solenoid.

Electrics in А960

The rebuilding of this old А960 unit includes the replacement of the linear solenoids. Selection of solenoids for the А960 unit is performed in accordance with VIN-code of the car. The peculiar feature of this reliable 6-speed automatic transmission is that the driver does not receive any noticeable signals related to the necessity to replace worn-out spare parts (the torque converter friction and solenoids which can not endure aggressive accelerations with the "slipping mode" of the torque converter clutch).