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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT RWD 250 12,5 6 Type T-IV

The 4-speed hydraulically controlled automatic gearbox AW50-40 produced by Aisin Warner was designed in the 90-s for well-known "family" vehicles of the middle class with 2-liter engine: Renault Laguna, Volvo (С70), Saab, Opel. This gearbox is also installed on KIA and Daewoo. This gearbox can be easily identified according to the pan form. According to GM classification, this gearbox is known as AF14 (AW50-40LE).

The AW50-40LE version has enlarged hubs, drums, overrunning clutches, planetary gears, in order to transmit higher torque. In 1998, the new modification AW50-42LE (AF22) was released in order to expand the usage of this gearbox for engines with the capacity up to 3.0 liters.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

In addition to the filter replacement and torque converter rebuilding, overhauls usually require repair kit of gaskets and seals (Overhaul kit). Besides the repair kit of gaskets, specialists also order a complete kit of frictions. It is especially needed in situations when burnt ATF from Direct and Forward frictions reach easily wornout frictions of other packages.The complete repair kit Masterkit is frequently ordered for a full reassembly of this tranmsission.

Typical repair areas in AF17 - AF22 (AW50-40, AW 50-42)

This gearbox is quite sensitive to ATF cleanness and as the filter is replaced in case of the gearbox disassembly, then old cars are provided with a cooling line of the magistral main filter. Typical problem of old AW50-40 components include the following: drum (Forwad/Direct) – wear-out of the fitting area, cracks in the welding joint area. This problem leads to burning of frictions and steel discs of this drum. Forward and Direct packages are replaced more frequently than others. Steel discs also get burnt in the abovementioned packages.The brake band is another component which is replaced in the process old cars overhauls in addition to replacement of spare parts and frictions. This band is also included in the list of recommended spare parts in case of burnt oil. Improper operation of the band in addition to kicks in the process of gears shifting also leads to rapid wearout of the drum Underdrive - С3.

The friction lining wears out unevenly leading to bushings beating and wear-out of pump units. Non-operating or worn-out torque converter lock-up leads to clogging, ageing and wearout of valves of the valve body and solenoids. If the gearbox operates for a long time with this problem, then shafts and pump get overheated, operate without oil, and as a result of vibrations overheat and damage bushings.Seals of the pump and semi-axles are replaced during each visit to repair services. If the problem with leaking seals and damaged bushing is neglected, then the whole pump is replaced. A common reason of all issues related to the oil pressure loss lies in malfunction and contamination of the valve body or solenoids. Usually this problem is related to large wear particles in ATF and the faulty torque converter.

Specialists like this gearbox for its reliability and simplicity. It operates during the whole lifespan of the car in which this gearbox is installed. But it is required to monitor the oil level and its cleanness, otherwise negligence may lead to pressure losses in the line and wear-out of bushings, spare parts and damage of bearings, that results in the necessity to perform the overhaul.