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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT FWD 250 12,2 6,6 Mercon V

The history of 4-speed FWD AXOD / AXOD-E / AX4S transmission started in 1986 when Crown Victoria was very popular with the engine 4.6 liters and Ford came up with the idea to produce a new bestseller for vehicles of lower class – Ford Taurusс with the engine capacity equal to 3.0 liters.

This transmission can be considered as a model emulated by the whole world of automatic transmissions. The transmission identification is specified according to the shape of the oil pan and gaskets. The gasket was covered with rubber in 1999 for the AX4S, but the pan shape was the same.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

This family of automatic transmissions didn’t have a strong reputation among transmission experts. The transmission had a lot of problems with shifting gears 1-2, required frequent ATF changes, and had a short resource before and after the overhaul.

It is assumed that design solutions on the torque converter for this transmission are not good enough. All updates intended for improving the comfort of driving and its cost efficiency led to the following consequences: the transmission started operating under harsh conditions in terms of ATF temperature and its contaminanation.

The overhaul usually consists of transmission reassembly with the repair kit of gaskets and seals "Overhaul kit". “Old” vehicles (and vehicles which get in repair services with burnt oil) require replacement of brake bands O.D. and Rear (for old models). Due to the oil pressure losses in the line, problems occur in the shaft and its bushings. Spare parts of packs Direct and Forward usually get burnt because of high rate of operation. The main problem is related to the transmission design. And it is recommended to solve this problem by installing additional transmission radiator and each year change the ATF and replace the filter.